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Exterior Painting

Tucson's Best and Highly Rated Exterior Painters

With Exterior painting services provided by Painting Oro Valley, hundreds of homes and commercial buildings have increased their property value and have protected the structures. We are reliable and highly experienced painters in Tucson, Arizona area. Our professionals are highly dependable and skilled in providing you exterior painting services that are highly praised in the industry. The level of integrity we have is unparalleled compared to other painting services available in the state. We have continued to overcome challenges and have surpassed the competition in our locality. We offer complete exterior painting services in Tucson from color consultation, free scheduling, onsite repairs, and painting the exteriors. All the services we provide are backed with a guarantee, and so you can be stress-free about our painting process.

    • Painting Oro Valley paints exterior surfaces of:
        • Brick
        • Block
        • Stucco
        • Metal
        • Siding
        • Decks
        • Garage Doors
    • We'll also take care of minor issues like:
        • Siding Replacement
        • Specialty Coating
        • Stucco Repairs
        • Staining
        • Brush and Roll
        • Spraying
        • Wood Prep

After years of working in the painting industry, we have realized that it is important to pay attention to detail and have learned that honesty is the best virtue. We base ourselves on working hard and communicate effectively with clients to provide high-quality results. Every professional in our house painter exterior crew and commercial painters use special procedures and painting methods to tackle exterior painting projects of any scale and size. We can handle both home painting projects and commercial painting projects.

We understand that you want your home to be beautiful and want to give it the best painting treatment at an affordable price. Our house painting exterior costs are kept low to suit a wide range of customers with different budget scales. The exterior house painting prices are relatively low compared to painting services offered by other companies in the Tucson area. The painting services we provide will bring new life to your building and give it a brand new appearance. The free color consultation services we offer enable customers to choose colors and one of the house painting ideas exterior to give a personalized touch to their home. Our professionals will assist you in choosing colors whenever necessary. You can be confident about choosing the right type of colors to showcase the best image of your home. At the end of the exterior painting, you will have a clean, neat, and fully refurbished home or commercial building.

Over the years, we have painted a wide range of homes and business complexes in Tucson. We can paint a plethora of surfaces with appropriate tools. Whether it is concrete, stone, brick, or any other surface, we can handily paint it. Homeowners themselves will face a lot of difficulties and challenges in painting the exteriors as it involves tackling hard to reach areas, using ladders and other equipment.  In all our works, regardless of the project's size and budget, we use high-quality paints that don't peel, chip, or bubble. Also, we do all the preparation before starting the project. The cost of preparation is included in the total cost of the painting project. So you don't have to pay extra or hidden fees.

HOA Exterior Painting Services

We regularly partner with condo associations, management companies, homeowners, and others to complete different painting work forms. We have the right tools and a large crew of painters who can finish the job efficiently and quickly. The same crew will complete the cleanup work once the painting is completed. Our professionals dressed in proper attire show up at your place. They are all well-mannered and communicate with clients effectively. They understand that customer service is the most important thing. We will finish the work on time and never disturb the clients.

Exterior Painting in Tucson For Businesses and Commercial buildings

For a business to present a professional image to the public, it needs to have a well painted and pristine looking office. Our highly customized exterior painting Tucson, AZ will serve your specific needs. We have artistic painters who can perfectly paint your business's logo and give it a new and fresh look. While it is significant to maintain the brand image, we understand that it is essential to choose your business building's right colors. Our color consultants will contact and finalize the color scheme and some of the house paint ideas exterior you would like for your building. We always strive to minimize the time we take to complete the project and help businesses resume their operations early.

Painting Oro Valley Painting Process

Free Consultation
Detailed Quote with Cost Breakdown
Color Consultation
Preparation of Surfaces
Protection of Home and Commercial Building
Clean Up
Final Walk-Through
Why Choose Painting Oro Valley for Exterior Painting Services?

1. We complete the painting job fast

There is a reason why Painting Oro Valley has been in the business for a long time. It is because we are excellent at doing what we love. Our painters are not only highly-skilled, but they also have the best virtues. They know to manage time efficiently. The job of exterior painting of your home or commercial building will get done fast with fewer disruptions.

2.  We Use the Best Paint and Materials

The exterior paint we use best suits Tucson, Arizona's climate. It has low dry time, lasts by color, is weather-resistant, and suites a sunny climate. We guarantee that your home or commercial building, once painted, will look spectacular for years to come. Your property will not be plagued with chipping, peeling, and bubbling paints. Also, you will avoid investing in something that loses luster with time.

3. Dependable

We consider customer satisfaction as extremely important. You can depend on us to get the work completed on time. We are punctual and know that your time is precious.

4. Preparation and Cleanup

Painting Oro Valley takes care of all the preparation and cleanup work. Anything from simple repairs, pressure washing, and painting by itself will be completed meticulously by our professionals. We do a thorough cleanup, so you don't have to worry about cleaning excess paints, spills, and splatters.

The key goal of Painting Oro Valley is to revitalize your home or office and give it a new, dynamically fresh appearance. Whether you want an old weathered property to be repainted to make it look new or need to paint one or multiple newly constructed buildings, we can do it for you. It is easy to contact us at any time of the day. We will respond to you and give you a free house painting estimate exterior specially crafted for your property.